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We are excited to partner with some amazing missionaries and families around the world! Find out more about them, what they are doing, and how you can support them here.

Booker Family - Carribean
John and Debbie are dedicated to empowering leaders across the Caribbean. They have launched a Bible School in their base country of St. Lucia and helped establish a Foursquare movement there as well. They are also instrumental in taking OSL to countries throughout the Caribbean.

[Support the Bookers]

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Handall Family - Native American

Yaseer and Monique are dedicated to traveling across Native Nations, from tribal groups to reservations, to educate and empower Native men, women, and youth to become leaders in their own communities.

[Support the Handalls]

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Harkins Family - South Pacific
Kevin and Jessica, pastors from The Rock, have been deployed to Auckland, New Zealand, where they currently serve as Solid Lives Missionaries.
They have a vision to disciple and empower young leaders, and bring OSL discipleship training to pastors and churches across the South Pacific.

[Support the Harkins]

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Middle East

Deployed in December of 2018, this team is dedicating their lives to living and working in closed countries in the Middle East to bring the light of the gospel to Muslims.

[Support the Middle East Team]

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Elena Razo - Guaymas, Mexico 

Elena Razo moved to Guaymas, Mexico in 2006, and by God's grace launched a thriving ministry within one of the worst prisons in Mexico. Not only are prisoners saved and discipled, but also raised up as pastors and leaders over the ministry. In addition, Elena leads a church that has been established outside of the prison in the Guaymas community.

[Support Elana Razo]

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